Here is what I learnt in last more than one month of no mobilephone connectivity

It had been a long (in modern perspective) since I carried a 70g (approx.) weight in my hand/pocket almost all the time. I was feeling good in a way that I was more free (usually I am) and from worldly waves which are eager to knock you down. Yes, I am talking about that piece of matter which has become a body organ for most of us and many of us might not think a life without it. There are jobs, relations, and sometimes studies too that ask you to carry it like a hunter with gun in jungle or traveller with water bottle in a desert.

I see, people talk while walking (or vice versa), eating, doing 'things' in washroom. I only imagine now, life would be in one's control had 'mobile phone' was not marketed. All this we do with our phones, it takes away our attention and hence I would say 'energy' from ourselves. Also, people find it irresistible not to use phone (mostly in 'talking sense') even when they attend seminars, meditation sessions (yes!!), meetings etc. where others are also disturbed. At times, it is funny to see that others also become part of 'call/the talk'.

One thing, I already knew and realized (again) this one more time that more we talk on phone, the quality of attachment (with the person we talk to) comes lower. I remember, I used to write letters to my home, relatives (and friends a couple of times). I have preserved most of letters I received, and every time (whenever I come across with them) I read them... I feel the same warmth, again.

When you are not talking on phone (like my case), you can spend your time on some real stuff, like thinking, writing, reading, and or simply in gaming (like, I finished NFS2-Most Wanted). You are never worried that someone might just catch you while eating, walking and other meaningful activities you were into.

I never thought that I would make it again (around 8 years before I had done it, and it was scary for family members, I even did not bother to contact them in that period. I got bashing from my friends too that time (not really).). So, when it happened I told home not to panic and gave them one emergency number too.

This is really funny to recall all that. It started when I left my home after vacations in the start of May. I was writing a message to send to my friend who has been really a helping hand in last month. All of a sudden, screen became white and nothing happened further after many efforts. for two days I was in 'milky white' mode and reached my place, joined my work. Next day I was supposed to start on another trip (10 days). I could not do anything about that problem. Luckily, on its own, phone became normal next morning and I boarded train. TTE did not come, thanks to him; coz phone was playing with me... ... I never knew if I tap it and it would show me readable screen.

Next day, to my connecting train TTE, I showed the ticket when it was just working and felt relieved; those who know about Indian TTE's they understand that I got myself from big hassle.

This journey was little zig-zag and it took almost 4 days to reach Kharagpur (KGP). In the mean time, sometimes when someone would call I would receive in 'white' without able to know who was calling. This was adventurous.

In KGP, I got one spare phone to use for the duration of a week. Not before the end of the week, I could find time to think about repairing my phone. One friend suggested a known shop (ya, i am using a rare phone, it is almost impossible to get yourself its store around) and it was treated in around two hours.

On my way back to my place I was happy. But, what the heavens was that! it was back to 'white' after 4-5 taps. I was really sad. It was already late in night and decided not to go back to shop. I called the mechanic back and he offered that he would take, may be, 'one day' and then I would get it done. Next evening, I was supposed to leave. my friend suggested that he was 'good' guy and I should give it a try.

That 'one more day' finally turned out to be more than one month. And I set a new record in this decade (previous one was in last decade :P). Other than home, nobody would have any idea where on the earth I was.

Thanks to my laziness, such a thing happened again.

------------------------------------------------------ कोई भी मूल्य एवं संस्कृति तब तक जीवित नहीं रह सकती जब तक वह आचरण में नहीं है.

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