Salman Khan: A story in India....still goes on

(I have written this text in response of the response of good IQ people who are trying to put 'the word' for the sake of saying something. I guess they have got a plan to simply save the IQ as their momento. They even are in search of a platform to glorify him....coz he has changed since after.)

Fine, he's changed....so would or had many of them. But a system has its way...if we start like this...how will (such) a system survive.... it will become khap panchayat.....based on discrimination. His supporters cum followers ( jyada ;) ) also disguised in the same discrimination. A 'macho' man runs someone down and shamelessly runs away ....afterwards, agle din din jab aankhe khuli....akhbar padaha tab bhi...Instead of accepting his crime he tried his best to avoid the bars. I guess others have to learn from him how to manage his image in media....Such a hypocrite ..... And when one talks about faulty judiciary ....in this case Salman is the man who used these loop holes. Like any other wrongdoer he will face the consequences....even after such a good PRship. Why do some people wipe their nose at all this?..... ..... .... ... I would not have wondered if someone would come from nowhere to tell us that all the old cases are dropped coz all of us feel that system should get rebuilt and then we will start courts... .. afresh. ... ... ... .... for that period the country will save millions of Rupees that would come as savings.....Mujhe Dainik Jagran wale Saxena ji yaad aa gayi...wo iske oopar ek badhiya article likh sakte the. ... ... ... ... ... ... Now, coming to your 6 months offer   I guess you want to send a message (in the language of court): "The court is happy to see you after all Mr. Khan and appreciates your efforts to manage such long time. .. ...this court observes that you've not  killed any other creature (not only humans, black buck for that matter) after that. There is no wonder if you practiced JESUSing (a new verb to come in Oxford Dict 2020 edition) ... ...  The courts strongly feels that there is no use to keep you inside.... hence, you are worthy of roaming around spreading the message of love and peace. Congratulations Mr. Khan." ... ... ... ... And soon after that at the request of film industry Department of Road and Transportation, Maharashtra Govt. appoints him the ambassador for 'Drive safe' campaign. .......He has a new megahit "How to drive your dragon" hitting the screen.

And read a real story of hit and run: http://www.storypick.com/hit-and-run-survivor/
------------------------------------------------------ कोई भी मूल्य एवं संस्कृति तब तक जीवित नहीं रह सकती जब तक वह आचरण में नहीं है.

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