Is it politics or mouthwash (Kulla)?

1. Mamta Benarjee is playing with the people of Bengal
West Bengal CM is playing with the sentiments now... attending and consoling the families of those died in AMRI mishap. I want to ask Ms. CM what measures had been taken on the conditions of the hospitals all over the Bengal when all of sudden many a newborns died in a Asansol hospital. That time some vagues reasons were mentioned and the issue got diluted.

Had it been a lesson from Asansol (killings) this wud have been avoided. And i tell u what ... ... soon in some months we will witness the same incidents...because the the mindset of the politicians is all about "pass the time aka run the show".

2.  Kapil Sibal  laughs at poor and dares the common man

Kapil Sibal (Minister of Communications and Information Technology) this time dares the poor when he becomes serious while asking to censor the social network media. In other words he says, " Look, we are capable to monitor so big amount of facebook and twitter data but we don't want to monitor any public distribution schemes." He might wanna say we don't think poor deserve much more than a request to vote every five year.

Yesterday the govt. urged rich not to enjoy the subsidized LPG on moral grounds.

Mr. Sibal if u and ur govt. concentrates on the right issues and begins working u will need not to think to censor the  Facebook or something like that...may be one wud praise u for ur work... bt this way u prove u are wicked.

------------------------------------------------------ कोई भी मूल्य एवं संस्कृति तब तक जीवित नहीं रह सकती जब तक वह आचरण में नहीं है.

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