25 Ways Hinduism Promotes Heterosexuality

Here is an article about what the western world can learn from the Indian culture. A writer reproduces the texts within his/her understanding of the old teachings.

"The goal of human life is to go back to God at the time of death. The most powerful chain that binds us to this temporal fleshy world is sex. To diminish sex and increase our devotion to God, saints have promoted the following behavior.by "Maah" (for henrymakow.com)

Here are some more ways to thwart demonic attempts to destroy humanity by polluting male/female relationships:

1. Females need to be protected by their fathers in their childhood, husbands in their youth and by their grown-up sons in their older age. Protected from what? Illicit sexual involvement with irresponsible men.

2. Women are considered to be 9 times lustier than men. They are also easily seduced, like children are easily mislead.

3. Maturing girls are not supposed to be touched by any man but their husband, which means dating is not allowed. As soon as a young girl experiences her sexual urge in physical connection with a male, if it is not abusive, she usually gives her heart to that male. The heart should be given to only the husband. A girl who has given her heart to one boy is not suitable for marriage to another.

4. Thus, girls should be married BEFORE the age of sexual awakening to assure she awakens with the man she is to love and serve her entire life. Womens' strong bonding to their husband is the auspicious glue of civilized human society.

5. The marriage of a daughter is considered a great responsibility and brings honor and blessings to devoted parents. The father should carefully consider the groom's family, the nature and desires of the young people and try to ascertain by astrology or some method that there will be a successful, happy future for the daughter, when arranging her marriage.

6. Girls should be raised to expect to be married, to be faithful and chaste wives for the sake of good progeny and peaceful society. She should know how to cook, sew, clean, manage help, tend a garden, serve guests, take care of husband's parents and the children, manage household finances, speak pleasingly, be tolerant and patient, massage, give natural health care, associate only with good wives and make husband and God the center of her life.

7. Most girls do not require to be educated beyond reading and some math. Girls by their nature like taking care of children and desire to be subservient to a man. Men, especially young men, naturally desire to show their authority over a wife and this should be tolerated by the understanding wife. In the same way, women get much satisfaction being the authority over the small children.

8. Boys' schooling should consist of learning self-control and self-sufficiency. He should know about the soul, the world, action, nature and God. He should have a career based on his talent and interests, usually the same one or similar to his father. If he enters a marriage with these qualifications, the boy and girl can be happy in married life and the girl will naturally respect and want to serve her husband; as he will naturally feel satisfaction in working to maintain his wife and family and not be overwhelmed by attraction to the female form.

9. Girls should be taught not to feel any sense of degradation at the selfless, valuable service they perform in their role in life. They should willingly encourage and support their husband's endeavors.

10. Men should not indulge in illicit sex including porn, gambling, meat eating or intoxication, including smoking, coffee and tea drinking. They should not waste the family money. Nor should women.

11. When women are free to mix with men and sexual relations develop outside of a committed marriage, the woman, not the man, gives birth to children who are not wanted by the father or society. The women have to be supported by government aid or struggling families. Sometimes the women and child are abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the world. In many cases the unwanted child is murdered in the womb. This is against the first commandment of God and is a great sin for the woman. Unwanted children are the cause of many ills in society.

12. Boys should be taught from an early age to look upon all women except their wife as mothers. They should think of girls as being the possession of their fathers, and not in a position to give 'themselves' away.

13. As a matter of policy, men and women should not sit together alone in a secluded place, even family members, as the sex desire is so strong.

14. Boys and girls should not attend the same schools. Nor should boys be exposed to music, books, movies, TV or other mens' examples which promote womanizing as the standard of manhood. Girls should not be exposed to movies, books, music, TV or other womanly examples which promote looseness, nakedness and sexiness as the standard of feminine behavior.

15. Humans are naturally divided into four classes; from highest to lowest these are:  Priestly or intellectual class, Administrator or warrior class, mercantile or agricultural producer class and assistant or laborer class. Girls can be married to boys of the same or higher class but should never be married to a boy of lower class. Such marriages result in unhappiness for both parties.

16. Sex is meant for procreation, to produce God-conscious children. It should be proceeded by prayer and spiritual intention and voluntarily avoided once the family has reached the intended size. If it cannot be avoided entirely, at least men should not pollute virgin girls or ruin the lives of other married couples. They must remain within the marriage.

17. Illicit sex should be strongly socially condemned.

18. As far as possible, all women should be married and have children to raise, as the selfless act of motherhood raises her consciousness, gives her happiness and confidence and purifies her of selfish female tendencies.

19. Boys should be taught to retain their semen to enable them to produce male children, to encourage good health, bright faces, self-confidence, strong memories and intelligent discriminatory powers.

20. Man's interest needs to be on service to God, saintly teachers, society and his profession. He looks upon wife as help-mate. He should not blame her for his failings and weaknesses, but should attempt to correct and advance himself. He should treat his wife with firmness, fairness and reserved kindness. She should treat him with respectful deference and affection.

21. Shyness in girls is a safety valve to help protect them from male exploitation. When they mix freely with boys and this valve is loosened it invites illicit sex (unwanted children) and girls loose a special charm, innocence and attractiveness.

22. Girls must be married while they still have the bloom of youth. Even an unattractive woman will be attractive at this age. Boys should be married before 30. An age difference of 10 years is perfectly acceptable. That kind of age difference helps the girl naturally respect the husband which inspires the male.

23. After the age of 50, the husband is to leave home and go to the forest or travel for spiritual pursuits and educating others about spiritual matters. The wife stays home in the care of the grown up children.

24. If there is no mother at home and the wife deals harshly, it is better for the man to leave home and go to the forest.

25. Every morning and night the family should read the scriptures together, pray and glorify God's holy names together for a half hour or more. That is the best foundation for family and society.

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