If Mr. Raja is culpable so is Mr. Chidambaram

May 10, 2011.

Mr. A.P. Singh,
Central Bureau of Investigation,
CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
New Delhi.

Dear Mr. Singh,

I write this letter to ask whether you have conducted any further inquiry arising out of the charge against the former Telecom Minister Mr. A. Raja { stated on page 59 of the Final Report under Section 173, Cr P.C. submitted in the Court of the Special Judge (CBI), New Delhi in the matter registered on 21.10.2009} since he is alleged to have deprived the Government exchequer of huge revenues because he deliberately and dishonestly gave away the licences of 2G Spectrum at an entry fee cum spectrum price that was determined in 2001.
While it is true that the Finance Ministry at the level of the Finance Secretary had raised the question of revising this price, however, vide the decision taken and notified by the Cabinet Secretariat on December 7, 2006, empowering the Finance Minister and the Minister for Communications & IT to jointly determine the Spectrum price which by TRAI recommendation of 2007 ought to include an entry fee for obtaining the licence as also a price for Spectrum allotment, and a further charge subsequently for its usage.
According to the records, Mr. P. Chidambaram and Mr. A. Raja both then Ministers of the respective portfolios of Finance and Telecom, had corresponded with each other, and subsequently met and finalized the entry fee at around Rs.1651 crores and decided consequently to provide the spectrum allotment bundled free with the licence of several megahertz.
This being so, if Mr. Raja is culpable for fixing a very low price for the 2G spectrum licence, then because of this joint determination, Mr. P. Chidambaram is also prima facie culpable on the same charge as Mr. Raja.
Hence, please inform me at the very earliest and before the Supreme Court summer vacation period begins, of any step that you may have taken to date.

Yours sincerely,
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