Independence for Whom? Think of IT Always, Speak of IT Never!

On 26th January 2008, it will be 60 years for India to become a 'Republic' and as of 15th August 1947, the occupied Hindu Raj was atlast free from the 'oppressive yoke', of the initial Islamic and subsequent British subjugation, and was partitioned -- a scheme directed by the British stratagem of 'divide and rule', obviously initiated and seconded by the beneficiary alien Muslim deceivers, and willingly contracted into by the pusillanimous Hindu leaders-politicians -- into the three States of Muslim West Pakistan, Muslim East Pakistan and Secualr India. Paradoxically, India would be the only country to celebrate its freedom, after losing its territories of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh--which equitably, legally, historically and factually belonged to the indigenous people of Sanatan Dharmic Civilization. Even though many foreign Christian and Muslim invaders had traumatized the people of the Indian subcontinent, the facade of the civilized benevolent character created by these violators has become known in such a manner in India, that no Hindu will ever dare look 'askance' at the Muslim and Christian lien-settlers!
Leaders like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were blinded by 'ideologies' and blindsided by 'ideologues'. Nehru, the English lackey, wouldn't fight against the British-Nazis, but had threatened to fight against his own 'Hindu-brother', Subhash Chandra Bose, if he ever dared attack the British, for India's Independence. How very interesting! Under the leadership of western-educated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, a secular Constitution of India was enacted, mostly an effortless translation, at a whopping cost of 30 million Rupees, at a time when the price of one tola of gold was about 30 Rupees! Because of their arrogance and obsession to the aliens, by selectively abridging the inherent Rights of the Hindus, whereby obviously offending them, the lackadaisical Hindu leaders took shortsighted and hasty decisions, and not only agreed the partition, but also allowed the aliens to continue to live in India--if they so desired. Incidentally, during First World War, being shortsighted, Quentin Roosevelt, a son of the former President Teddy Roosevelt, mistakenly (and not for the first time) tacked on to the German squadron rather than his own at the end of an aerial engagement, and died when his plane was shot down.

The Hindu politician-leaders are so adept in the art of placating the aliens that nobody on the planet can beat them at this game! India's secular prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's loyalty became obvious when he had praised the British for their 'good governance' during their Angreezi Raj. Because of the placative secularism, alien members, even though they might be lacking the requisite qualifications, are selected to different important government positions. The Persian Zoroastrian late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's Italian Christian wife Sonia Gandhi (Antonio Maino) -- springboarded from being a waitress in England, to Rajiv's wife, to the current status as the Head of the Congress (pseudo-secular) Party of India. Nothing wrong with that, but in an authentic democracy, transparency is paramountly important and with the abolition of the Kings, how is it that the same Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is ruling almost continuously for 60 years? Gandhi can't be a Zoroastrian surname, and not only the majority of the uneducated Indians, but even the ignorant people outside India and also in the West, firmly believe that Sonia Gandhi is related to Mohandas Gandhi, the alleged 'Father of the Nation'. How connivingly convenient, through various shenanigans, to stay in political power!

How the Muslim and Christian invaders and their descendants can justify aggressions and how proud are they of their crimes against the Hindus? Isn't it paradoxical and amazing that since over 2300 years -- without respite -- how the violators have inflicted sufferings on the Hindus, continued praising and applauding the Hindu culture of Ahimsa, Vasudhaiv kutumbakam, etc. while concurrently they themselves engaged in violent aggrandizement. Hey, it is really different strokes for different folks! Since the aliens loathe Hindus and their culture, refer to them as pagans, infidels (kafirs), heathens and what not, then isn't it contradictory that in the name of secularism, not only they associate and take advantage of them, but also, continue living in the country of Sanatan Dharma! Muslim 'Pakistans' were created, but many Muslims decided to stay back in 'secular India' with the Hindu-kafirs, so that in future, with their explosive population growth, they would demand more Independent States, thus gradually realising their cherished dream of the islamization of the whole of India! Until then, disobeying the Uniform Code Laws of India, enjoying 'haj' subsidy-handouts, basking in the Indian economic and technological prosperity, some assist the ISI engineered commotions and insurgencies like the attack onakshardham, attack on the parliament of India, the Mumbai train blasts, etc., etc.

Translating, a Gujarati proverb states: "Participate in the cremation process of a 'valiant' person, but don't attend the marriage ceremony of an eunuch."

Inferentially, to cremate a 'valiant' man, more brave men will come, and if there is any kind of commotion, the participants would be assured of their safety.

But, in the marriage ceremony of an 'eunuch', there obviously would be lot of good food and entertainment, but during any tumultuous situation, despite the overwhelming majority of the eunuchs, the attendees would never be protected, for at the moment of the tumult, the only thing that the eunuchs would do, would be to keep on clapping hands, singing and dancing! The same situation is of the Indian politicians and the government. Notwithstanding the capacity of Army, Navy, Airforce, Intelligence Agencies, and shrewd politicians, it is surprising that there are millions of illegal Muslims in India, and thousands are crossing the porous borders on daily basis. Again, be it the belligerence of China or Pakistan or Bangladesh, or insurgency in Kashmir, or the hijacking of an Indian plane, rather than taking meaningful and decisive actions for the protection of the nation, the fawnish Indian leaders prostrate themselves to the so-called international community, asking for assistance, and engage in the 'politically correct' diplomatic conformity, and in the process may exsanguinate India, which may lead the nation on a path of self-destruction, inviting invasions, slavery and occupation by the foreign powers!

No valiant nation lives in the idiot's paradise! By expelling the illegals, by gaining back the stolen territories, by enacting formidable policies to deter the
belligerent enemies, by taking more appropriate brave actions, then only the Indian leaders can be the bellwethers of courageous patriotic strategists.

Again, history doesn't pardon impotent leaders of any country! Religion may be the opium of the so-called 'ignorant, unaware and uneducated believers',

but secularism -- the Indian Secularism -- is the opium of the Indian political intellectual leaders, especially the pseudo-Hindus, whose subtle-conspicuous agenda is to appease the foreign minority settlers at the expense of the indigenous silent (silenced!) Hindu majority, in their own Country!

At this juncture, the words of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (even though I do not totally agree with everything he advocated and believed in), written in the 29th August 1920 issue of Navjeevan, retrospectively may enlighten the Hindu World Community! Mohandas Gandhi wrote: "If 230 million Hindus can't protect themselves against the 70 million Muslims, then either Hindu Dharma is false, or the believers of Hindu Dharma are impotent and fakers. Rather than allowing the British -- with its might (power-sword) -- maintain peace between Hindus and Muslims, I would prefer that the Hindus and the Muslims resolve their differences with the aid of 'the sword'. Again, imagine that the Hindus advance and adhere to their humility and still the Muslims betray them, then are Hindus still to be considered impotent? Are they not capable of protecting themselves?"

Well, the shenanigan secular pseudo-Hindu politicians, and the One Billion Hindus should ponder and answer who they actually are and, what are they really capable of?

Let all the Hindus, always, stay 'informed, vigilant, courageous, and proactive'.

(By Dr. Harishchandra Shah)

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  1. I landed to this page accidently. Found the subject interesting and started reading it, but soon left it unread in between... because you have used so difficult words of English that it is tough to understand even a single sentence clearly. I would appreciate if you use simple English so that your purpose of writing this blog could be justified by letting it understood by the masses (I guess!). Sorry for the negative comment. I still appreciate your intention behind creating this blog.