IIT Heads Call for Alternative to Entrance Test

Three years ago, a JEE review committee had suggested a cutoff of 85% marks in standard XII for students to become eligible to appear for the JEE. “But the CBSE and other boards turned it down and wanted to have 60% as the cutoff . Now, that’s an easy score to get.

The coaching classes only help students in mastering (question paper) pattern recognising skills. With this, you cannot get students with raw intelligence. By attending the coaching classes, the students are learning a wrong lesson that the ends justify the means. They think there is nothing wrong in cutting classes to attend coaching. But the student does not realise his real loss.

While acknowledging that the JEE has led to proliferation of coaching classes and has put students under stress, IIT-Bombay director Ashok Misra is a bit cautious. “If we can develop another system that is not over-hyped, I am for it. But doing away with the JEE does not seem appropriate at present. We have been constantly working on tweaking the JEE as per the students’ needs and also to cut down on pressure,” he says.

Prof. V. G. Idichandy, Dean (students), IIT Madras, is even more vocal in his demand to abolish the JEE. “One of the reasons for the poor intake of girls in the flagship B.Tech. programme is because parents don’t send daughters for coaching classes. The best way to increase the intake of girls is to have direct admissions. It is sad that 12 years of schooling has no bearing on the admission to IITs. The overall capability of a student cannot be merely assessed by their performance in physics, mathematics and chemistry. The student must have good communication skills also,” he says.

Source: Times of India
कोई भी मूल्य एवं संस्कृति तब तक जीवित नहीं रह सकती जब तक वह आचरण में नहीं है.

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